elder contact information

Milton Winkfield

Deacon Chairperson
Phone: (513)604-0407
Email: miltonwinkfield@yahoo.com

Kim Johnson

Minister of Worship
Phone: (513)470-2797
Email: krjohnson1112@icloud.com

Tom Brame, Sr.

Director of Christian Education
Phone: (513)218-0949
Email: thomasbrame65@gmail.com

Sharon Howell

Trustee Chairperson
Phone: (513)520-0171
Email: voicesofpeace4@gmail.com

Tony Bates

Voice of the People
Phone: (513)886-6063
Email: lorenzotonybates@gmail.com

Devona Thomas

Phone: (513)607-4044
Email: dcdavis@fuse.net